Noo Yawk, New York is a quick guide to New York City English’s linguistic features, intended to be both informative and fun. Heavily accented American English speakers, whether from New York or elsewhere, are often stereotyped and deemed less intelligent because of their perceived “incorrect” speech. Through this site, I demonstrate that a dialect like New York City English has legitimate linguistic origins and a rich history.

Accents are a reminder that language is shared and doesn’t belong to a so-called standard, or even native, speaker.

Noo Yawk, New York

Spring 2020

Landing Page
Prompts users with contextual
information before entering the site.

Allows users to access content
in a non-linear fashion. Seeming
disjuncture between linguistic feature
and image builds intrigue.

Upon hovering, the user reveals the
New York City English phonetic spelling.

Upon clicking, the user accesses
a brief explanation of the linguistic
feature demonstrated.

The user may employ the arrow keys or
the “back” and “next” buttons to
navigate linearly. They may also return
to the menu.